Which Quarter Sheet Is Right For You?

It's the time of the year when leaves begin to fall, the air gets chilly, and turnout blankets are coming out of storage. Are you prepared to weather winter rides? Riding blankets are a great way to stay in the saddle and build on the progress you made this summer! Saratoga Horseworks offers many riding blankets to fit every rider's needs. Keep reading to learn the details of each to findĀ the perfect quarter sheet for you and your horse!

Perfect for Everyday Use

It's hard to find a quarter sheet that's functional,Ā durable, and economical.Ā TheĀ Saratoga Fleece Riding BlanketĀ will not disappoint as your everyday riding quarter sheet. We source the highest quality fleece at an affordable price to give riders what they need. Not only does this have top-notch moisture-wicking abilities, but it's also machine washable and quick to dry. It will not pill, shrink, or fade with daily use in an active barn. Available in black, burgundy, navy, and hunter green with endless trim and piping options. You can create the custom quarter sheet you've always wanted without sacrificing performance or your bank account.Ā 

High-Performance Technology

Are you looking for the best fleece quarter sheet that keeps up with the intensity of your cold weather workouts? Look no further than ourĀ PolartecĀ® 200 Fleece Riding Blanket.Ā PolartecĀ® has been a leader in innovative fabrics for over a century that transformed how we dress in cold weather. The development of the 200 Series Fleece was the ultimate game changer for outerwear. The thermal knit technology uses premium polyester yarns that boast lightweight, hydrophobic properties with thermal pockets between lofted structures to retain warmth. Its comfort, warmth, breathability, and low maintenance make it ideal for any equestrian athlete! Saratoga Horseworks is proud to be the only equine clothing manufacturer that produces certified PolartecĀ® fleece horse clothing.Ā 

Southern Circuit Mornings

microfleece quarter sheet

For those who head south for the winter months, we know that 40Ā°F mornings can feel like sub-zero. TheĀ 100M Fleece Riding BlanketĀ is the best solution for equestrians that don't have extreme cold snaps but may need extra comfort sporadically. Horses and riders in mild climates benefit from this lightweight fleece to provide optimal warmth and wind resistance. The buttery soft, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking microfleece is affordable and machine washable that will not shrink or fade. Choose from our selection of fleece, trim, standard piping, or embroidery to make your custom quarter sheet special.

Built to Last a Lifetime


TheĀ Wool Riding BlanketĀ is the ultimate choice for riders who want a quarter sheet to do it all with premium longevity. Wool is a superior fabric with the durability and functionality to last a lifetime with your heart horse. Wool is a natural fiber making it fire, stain, and odor resistant. The versatility is unmatched by keeping you and your horse warm and dry in any environment. Rain and snow resistance makes it ideal for winter trail rides. Moisture-wicking propertiesĀ commence during training rides to pull sweat away from the body. The 85/15 Melton wool blend gives a clean, professional look while staying breathable and ultra-durable. This custom wool quarter sheet embroiders beautifully with countless color combinations. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind quarter sheet, ourĀ Signature Wool Riding BlanketĀ includes all custom options at one price.

custom quarter sheets riding blanket for horses

It's vital to pick the best quarter sheet to fit your needs as a must-have accessory for equestrians. From price point to maintenance and everything in between, Saratoga Horseworks is proud to offer solutions for riders across the US. Use coupon code BLOG for 10% off your purchase of a quarter sheet! If you still have questions, please contact us for further assistance. We're available Monday thru Friday from 9 am-4 pm EST via phone or Live Chat. Emails sent to CustomerService@Horseworks.com can expect a reply within 1-2 business days.Ā 

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