The Signature Collection

Designed for horse owners looking to create a truly "one of a kind" dress sheet. The Signature Collection features our top-tier premium fabrics that not only look great, but provide long-lasting durability. The Signature Collection is structured so that you may "jazz" up your blanket as much as you'd like with an all-inclusive price. This includes all of our custom options: trim color, standard piping, twisted cord piping, deerskin piping, jaquard ribbon, hip ornaments, embroidery, and more. Our customer service representatives are happy to guide you throughout the entire design process, from choosing the best style option to deciding on the best embroidery size and placement. Our goal is to help you create the dress sheet of your dreams. When you purchase an item from the collection, you will receive a complimentary storage bag to keep your creation clean and organized when not in use. We look forward to working with you!