How to Measure Your Horse

When ordering a custom horse garment, getting the right fit is very important! Not only for the comfort practicality of the garment, but also because embroidered garments cannot be returned. Our horse garment sizing is different than most major companies as we use even numbers that measure the entire length of the horse's body.



1. Grab a friend and measuring tape to help get an accurate measurement
2. Place one end of the measuring tape in the middle of the horse's chest
3. Pull the other end of the measuring tape around the side of the horse
4. Stop once you reach the middle of the tail and note the length
5. Round up if you land on an odd number to the nearest even number!

Congratulations! You have your custom garment size!




  • If you are unsure or think your horse may be an unusual fit, please do not hesitate to reach out via phone, email, or live chat for assistance. 
  • Some of our garments are cut slightly different than others (ie. Saratoga Summer Turnout vs. Oasis Euro Turnout) if you are concerned about the cut of a blanket please reach out for support!
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