So You Want To Make Your Own Spooky Blanket?

Our recent Halloween Quarter Sheet Giveaway was so well received, that we decided to break down how you can make your own spooky blanket! Check out the steps below to get in on the action.
Step 1: Find the Quarter Sheet, Dress Sheet, or Cooler you would like.
The original Halloween Giveaway Quarter Sheet is designed from the Saratoga Fleece Riding Blanket, a mid-weight fleece quarter sheet for everyday use. If you'd like something different, click here to view all of our quarter sheets. You can't go wrong with world-renowned Polartec 200 Fleece or our classic Melton wool. The fun doesn't stop at quarter sheets! Choose a dress sheet or cooler with more coverage for use before or after riding.
Step 2: Colors! 
Our giveaway sheet boasted a black body, orange trim with two rows of standard piping - white and yellow. Sadly, the orange trim is limited edition and unavailable. Not to fear because any sheet can be just as spooky with our many trim and piping options! A black body, purple trim with black and kelly green standard pipings make a perfect witches brew. For our candy corn lovers we recommend black body, yellow trim with athletic gold and white standard piping. Lastly, a colour combination fit for Count Dracula himself is a black body, black trim with red and purple standard piping. Want to add more to your spooky sheet? Twisted cord piping and hip ornaments are great additions that make your spooky sheet truly one-of-a-kind. 
Step 3: Most important part... the Spooky Pumpkin!
Lastly, go to our embroidery page (on the navigation bar) and find our specialty holiday embroidery. There you will find our friend, the spooky pumpkin. Then, you'll specify which garment you'd like it on and the colors you'd like the pumpkin to be. Keep him his orange self or have fun and make him extra scary! Once you place your order, our staff will be in touch to confirm your spooky creation! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in embroidery not shown. We have numerous designs to choose from!

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