The Power of PowerAir™

Are you ready for a blanket liner that is no longer bulky but will keep your horse just as warm as competitors? Our PowerAir™ Blanket liner is a perfect combination of warmth and ease of use. The best part the technology used to keep your horse the warmest is great for the environment! Read-on to learn about this innovation in horse clothing! 
Fleece has been a long-time staple in any horse owner's wardrobe, not only known for its moisture-wicking abilities, but its ability to keep warm air in and cool air out. Did you know though your typical fleece horse garment can shed up to 700,000 fibers during just a single wash? Not only is your garment melting away in the wash but all of those synthetic fibers are contributing to microplastic pollution. With the Polartec® PowerAir™ fabric it has been proven through vigorous testing to shed 5x less than comparable fleece products. This innovative design not only improves the insulation power of the fleece but it's impact on the environment. 
The PowerAir™ fabric takes inspiration from bubble wrap, the lofted, high shedding fibers are encapsulated in its construction. Not only does this minimize fiber shedding but the air pockets help encapsulate the natural warmth given off by your horse's body. Pretty neat right?? This revolutionary fabric combined with Saratoga Horseworks touches creates a practical blanket liner for any horse owner! 
This blanket liner is designed to keep your horse warm without adding uncomfortable bulk! The closed front with anti-shoulder rubbing ripstop keeps the garment being bulky around the chest and shoulders in order to not sacrifice the horses natural movement. The single hook and loop closure is strong keeping the liner from twisting yet is unnoticeable to the horse. Lastly, the leg strap d-rings keeps the blanket liner perfectly in place. The leg strap d-rings of this blanket liner perfectly combine with our strong yet efficient blanket liner straps.  

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