How To Optimize Your Blanket Organization

It's almost time to pack those fly sheets and break out the winter blankets! Organizing a stable full of blankets can be time-consuming and challenging to maintain. There are very few options for storing horse clothing until the appropriate season returns. Usually, it comes down to using those massive plastic totes found at big box stores. They break, they're heavy, and markers rub off, so you go through every blanket to find the one needed!

We developed The Stall Front Storage System to help make horse and barn owners' lives more efficient. A simple, affordable solution to make your barn look and function better. The upcoming transition between seasons is a great time to assess and arrange horse clothing to set yourself up for structured daily wardrobe changes. Read on for our ultimate blanket organizing tips!

1. Clear The Mess, Clear The Stress

They say messiness increases stressiness. Whether it's your house or barn, it's common to feel more anxious when you know there's something to be straightened up. For trainers, coaches, and breeders, a disheveled barn can lead to accidents and gives an unpleasant impression that can hinder a business. Blanket bars and hooks may fix the problem, but this leaves the opportunity for nosey horses or humans to touch things they should not. Or even worse, your gear can become fair game to mice. Utilizing Stall Front Storage Bags is your answer to ensure your investments are protected and safe. The ultra-durable exterior will keep pests out season after season. The large-sized bags are HUGE, made to hold heavy and medium-weight turnout blankets. Many riders use the standard-sized bags for fly sheets, quarter sheets, coolers, and saddle pads. So clear the mess, and feel the stress lift off your shoulders. 

2. Keep It Clean, No Debris 

One of the most critical parts of barn maintenance is keeping everything as clean as possible. The regular circulation of bedding, hay dust, and debris tends to settle on items hanging off the front of a stall. Both the Original and Deluxe Stall Front Storage Bags block out the constant flow of filth while allowing easy access to your essentials. Another important part of barn maintenance is cleaning your blankets before packing them away at the end of the season. Not sure what products to use? Click here to browse our high-quality horse clothing care products. If you'd like to clean the outside of the bag simply wipe or spray off, then hang to dry. 

3. Efficiency is Key

No need to pack and unpack when you can grab and go! Are you heading to a horse show? Simply remove the bag from the stall, into the trailer it goes, and ready to be hung back up at your destination. The velcro closure with a carry handle makes for the most efficient mobility. Not only for daily use, but The Stall Front Storage System also makes for excellent holding between seasons. Separate each category of horse clothing into their bags and switch them out during the appropriate seasons. Rotating blankets from one season to another now takes minutes instead of hours! For long-term storage, we suggest the Deluxe Stall Front Storage Bags with a zipper closure for additional protection from critters.

 4. Don't Lose it, Label it!

Being clean and tidy is great, but labels bring any organization project to the next level. Perhaps you want to put all of Dalton's fly sheets in one bag; label it! Maybe saddle pads in another? Label it! Or you can color coordinate! Quarter sheets in burgundy bags and coolers in navy ones. Saratoga Horseworks is happy to provide embroidery services for permanently labeling your stall front storage bags. It won't rub off or change in any way, so you can be confident when looking for the needed blankets. From barn names to horse names and everything in between, we will help enhance your blanket management. For businesses, we can digitize your logo and add names for every horse in your barn. We have several custom embroidery fonts, colors, and designs to choose from!


Be sure to use coupon code BLOG for 10% off any Stall Front Storage Bag! We hope this helps inspire you to do your own Blanket Edit this fall. Our Customer Service Rep, Abby, is available to help with any questions you may have regarding The Stall Front Storage System and embroidery. Give us a call at (800) 848-1914, email, or Live Chat on weekdays from 8am-4pm EST. 

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