The Saratoga Plus Summer Turnout? What's the Hype?

The Saratoga Summer Turnout, which has seen numerous iterations since its inception in 1988, now welcomes its newest version! Building upon the innovations that made the original popular, we have made improvements to create a new and exciting product that both you and your horse will love.

Staying true to the hybrid theme, this summer turnout combines the two materials that we know and love into one high-performing fly sheet. Our focus is always on your horse's comfort, ensuring that they can stay cool while protected from the sun and bugs. If our Oasis fabric alone was too warm, or our STO fabric alone didn't provide enough UV protection, then this sheet is perfect for your horse!

The top panel of our new Saratoga Plus Summer Turnout is crafted from our protective Oasis material, which offers exceptional UV protection by blocking 74% of UVA rays and 75% of UVB rays. To further enhance UV protection, we have also added a tail flap. By using Oasis fabric for the top panel, we ensure that the part of your horse that receives the most sunlight is safeguarded from harmful UV rays. The best part is that your horse won't get too warm, thanks to the breathable bottom panel.

The bottom panel is made from our renowned Saratoga Summer Turnout Fabric, known for its lightweight and moisture-wicking properties, which will keep your horse cool during hot summer days. Not only does it effectively wick away moisture, but it also serves as a reliable bug repellent, keeping pesky insects at bay.

As always, durability is a top priority in our designs. We understand that some horses can be rough with their blankets, always finding ways to get into trouble. That's why our Summer Turnout sheet is designed to withstand even the toughest blanket destroyers!

Our innovative design features unique leg strap placement towards the middle of the garment, rather than on the edges, making it harder for even the most notorious blanket wrecker to rip the sheet. Additionally, the invisible 'no rub' shoulder gussets prevent shoulder rubbing while allowing the horse to move freely and comfortably. We believe that a comfortable horse is a happy horse!

To add a touch of personalization, you can design your own sheet with over a hundred different combinations of trims and standard pipings to choose from. Make your horse the envy of the paddock with a Summer Turnout sheet that reflects your unique style!

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