All About The Grooming Cart

You've probably come across our newest innovation - The Grooming Cart. And you probably have some questions. We're here to answer the most common ones to help you decide if The Grooming Cart is right for your lifestyle.

How did The Grooming Cart come to be?

As most great ideas, The Grooming Cart came from a fluke. Saratoga Horsework's Mastermind and President, Michael Libertucci, enjoys competitive pistol shooting in his downtime. He came across the well-made Zuca Transit Cart at the range, and a light bulb went off. The company who builds and sells the carts, Zuca, does not serve the equestrian industry, so Michael decided that he will. He designed the specialized bag sets, accompanying accessories, and struck a deal with Zuca to purchase their carts. 

By the summer of 2023, The Grooming Cart has been tried and tested by many equestrians. To no ones surprise, riders LOVED it. The space and ease of use was unmatched from anything else on the market. It's more efficient and affordable than large tack trunks. Plus, you can keep one set of your essentials to easily transport from the barn, to shows, and back home. 

Tell me more about this cart. Why does it say Zuca?

Zuca is the name of the vendor that we purchase the cart from. They specialize in disc golf and various outdoor sports. We're currently working with their factory to change the branding on the cart to reflect Saratoga Horseworks. But, this can be a long process and we wanted to get it on the market ASAP! We use the Zuca Transit Cart, click here to visit for more information on the Transit Cart. 

Without the bags, the cart weighs 15.6lbs and includes a built-in seat with customizable padded cover, two extra large beverage holders, and a telescoping handle. All-season, tubeless foam wheels easily roll through sand, gravel, snow, and grass.  

 What are the bags like?

The Grooming Cart comes with two separate 600D nylon bags - the top bag and the low rider which are made at our Upstate NY facility. Both are removable and attached to the cart with hook-and-loop. The low rider is a single open storage bag with a zipper closure that measures 14"x11.5"x6". The top bag boasts four exterior pockets for bottles and sprays plus six interior organizer pockets with plenty of open space. Choose from four colors and add embroidery to your padded seat cover to make it your own.

Can I stand on it to mount or braid my horse? 

Unfortunately no, at this time the cart is not safe enough to stand on for mounting or braiding. There is not a way to lock the wheels into place. But, you can use it to sit while putting your boots or spurs on, or just to a take a break during a busy horse show. 

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Have other questions about The Grooming Cart that we haven't answered? Please don't hesitate to reach out to customer service on week days from 9am-4pm. Use coupon code BLOG for 10% off your next order!

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