3 Ways To Prepare For A Horse Show

When it comes to show season, things can get pretty crazy. In the chaos it might be hard to forget the main essentials like say the horse, feed, saddle etc…but other items seem to be notoriously left behind. And when that happens, an already hectic day of showing can suddenly become a stressful nightmare. Here are a few tips to help you stay organized throughout the entire show season. 

  1. Take inventory early. Things like braiding bands, shampoos, fly sprays, spot cleaners have a way of being dangerously low or even empty right before a show, particularly if they seem to reside in your trailer. Take stock sooner rather than later so you aren’t making a mad dash to the local tack store and hoping they have everything you need the night before you leave
  1. Checklists and luggage accessories are your new best friends. Never try remembering everything you need off the top of your head. It rarely, if ever, goes well. Many times you can use the same checklist for multiple shows, but always review your list a day with plenty of time before the packing frenzy begins just in case anything needs to be added.  Specialized gear bags will help you stay organized and cut down on packing time. They protect your nice tack and equipment while on the road, but they really come in handy when you have more than one horse traveling with you. Grab one set for each horse and either have each horse’s name embroidered, or get different color for each horse. No more rummaging through blankets and tack trying to figure out which one goes with which horse. Here are two great picks:
    1. Stall Front Storage Bags: These handy bags come in a standard and large size and are designed either with a Velcro flap or zippers, depending on your preference. These are great for storing your horse’s show scrims and coolers. They can also be used to store various other items like half pads, quilted wraps etc. The bags keep each horse’s items organized and ready to easily transfer from trailer to show grounds and back again. Click here to customize your own Stall Front Storage Bags!
    2. Turnout Boot Bags: Never again will you pull into the show with 3 out of 4 boots. Just throw them in this handy bag for simply transportation. The best part is the mesh front that allows air to get to the boots so they can dry properly! Click here to get your Turnout Boot Bag. 
  1. It is better to be over-prepared than under prepared. Horse show law is whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. So it is best to be prepared for the worst from the get-go.  I always have a bag of “spare items” stashed in the trailer that comes in handy when you are in a pinch. Things like an extra halter, lead rope, extra brushes, bridle parts, boot polish, etc… If something breaks or gets left behind, usually that bag has me covered.  I also like to keep a rain jacket, extra set of socks and spare change of clothes for myself just in case of inclement weather. For the horse, storing a rain sheet in the trailer is always a great idea. It keeps your horse dry and comfortable and protects your leather tack from water damage.

Being prepared and organized is a great way to relieve some of that horse show stress. Over time, you'll adjust your planning and packing to best fit your needs so you can focus on your riding. Here's a special checklist to get you started, just click & save!

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