Saving The World One Garment At A Time

Did you know that November 15th is America Recycles Day? According to the National Geographic, Americans contribute 64 tons of waste to landfills during their lifetime. That's almost 246 million tons per year! As a manufacturing company, we take our carbon foot print into consideration when designing new products, production methods, and getting it to the customer. Today's high-tech fabrics allow us to offer eco-friendly, functional horse clothing to our customers. In honor of America Recycles Day, we're highlighting our two "green" stable sheets!

The Power of PowerAir™

Did you know your typical fleece horse garment can shed up to 700,000 fibers during a single wash? Not only is your garment melting away in the wash, but those synthetic fibers contribute to microplastic pollution. Last year, Saratoga Horseworks took the first step toward increasing our sustainability by developing the Polartec® PowerAir™ Blanket Liner. The revolutionary Polartec® PowerAir™ fabric has been tested vigorously and is proven to shed 5x less than comparable fleece products. For warmth, individual air pockets within the knit construction capture your horse's body heat resulting in advanced thermal efficiency without bulk. A lightweight, sleek design seamlessly fits underneath turnout blankets, keeping your pony toasty all winter long!

A Modern Twist On A Classic

custom stable sheet for horses

Speaking of plastic pollution, we've redesigned our Alabama Stable Sheet  with an eco-friendly twist to give you the all-new Alabama Stable Sheet II! Named for the famed race at The Saratoga Race Course, we kept all of the features riders love and paired them with a "green" fabric! Our newest stable sheet is a soft yet durable organic cotton blended with polyester made from recycled plastic bottles! You can depend on the Alabama Stable Sheet II to keep your horse clean and comfortable in the barn while enjoying peace of mind that you've contributed to getting millions of plastic bottles out of landfills each year! You have the power to save over half a million barrels of oil and eliminate 400,000 tons of harmful air emissions that contribute to climate change, acid rain, and smog without sacrificing your horse's needs. 

The Eco-Friendly Duo

If you're serious about environmentalism but prioritize your horse's care, it's an easy decision to add the Polartec® PowerAir™ Blanket Liner and Alabama II Stable Sheet to their wardrobe. The warmth of the PowerAir™ and durability of the Alabama II Stable Sheet will keep you and your horse happy for years to come, further decreasing your carbon footprint by having quality garments that last.

Not only do we source eco-conscious textiles but also have methods in place from the beginning to end of our manufacturing process to be as green as possible! Most of our materials are domestically sourced as well as our customers are in the US. This allows us to do very little shipping overseas, cutting back on fossil fuel use which can reach exorbitant levels when importing. Our products are made strategically in order to have little to no fabric waste. We use paper-based packaging to be easily recycled or used again! Sustainability is something we work toward every day, and more solutions are coming soon.

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