Trail Riding Survival Guide

Summer is finally in full swing with beautiful weather, afternoon storms, and stunning scenery for miles. It's the perfect time to get out of the ring with your horse and hit the trails. But, the downside to trail riding during the middle of the summer can be the relentless bugs and strong sun. How can you enjoy a lovely view when your horse is constantly being divebombed by giant biting flies? Who wants to take a long trail ride when you worry about your horse’s sensitive legs getting overheated in their schooling boots? Here are our suggestions to make your summer trail rides more enjoyable for both horse and rider.

For Body Protection: The Summer Exercise Sheet

Quarter sheets are commonly used in cold weather, but have you tried a quarter sheet in warm weather? The Summer Exercise Sheet is made with a lightweight, non-absorbent, and super durable interlocking woven mesh that offers the ultimate summer defense to the most sensitive of horses. You may be familiar with this specialty fabric as it's also used to build our popular Saratoga Summer TurnoutIn addition to blocking flies from attacking your horse's skin, moisture-wicking properties will enhance cooling effects while riding in higher temperatures. Simply place this sheet between your saddle and saddle pad, attach the girth and billet straps, then you're ready for a gallop through the hay fields. Create a one-of-a-kind Summer Exercise Sheet by choosing from 14 trim and 15 standard piping options. Make your trail rides more relaxing by giving your horse the gift of sun and bug protection under saddle!

For Lower Leg Protection: The Saratoga Bandage

As temperatures climb, riders have to decide between their horses’ legs getting too hot with boots on or waive the protection in an effort to keep their legs cool. What if there's a solution to this predicament without making sacrifices? The groundbreaking Saratoga Bandage not only provides quality lower leg support and protection but is also lightweight and highly breathable. This combination makes them perfect for summer rides in or out of the arena. You may be thinking to yourself, "They're wraps! You can't use wraps in water!". We're happy to report that The Saratoga Bandages hold only 3 oz. of water when soaking wet, a huge improvement from standard fleece polo wraps. You can continue riding your favorite trail that leads through a creek and even school through a water complex on the cross country course. Designed to withstand years of use, riders of all disciplines love The Saratoga Bandage for summer riding fun!

Survive this summer and those to follow with two of the best products available that prioritize your horse's happiness. Use both The Summer Exercise Sheet and Saratoga Bandages together for a more focused, more comfortable mount so you too can relax and enjoy the ride. 

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