Saratoga Bandages (9 foot 2-pack)


Looking for leg bandages to provide support to your horse's legs? The Saratoga Bandages offer more support to the lower leg than any other product of its type.  The lightweight breathable material carries only 3 oz. of water when soaking wet, keeping weight down even in the worst going.  The patented silicone application on the inside of the bandage has been further refined for a more secure fit and even pressure distribution on the leg. Ideal for use during exercise as an alternative to polo wraps and boots, or over standing wraps.  Pack of 2, 9' Bandages.

Made in the USA.

"I have been using Saratoga Bandages on Ham for several years and they are the only wraps I will run him in!  In my opinion, they offer more support than a standard polo and keep his legs cooler than a normal neoprene boot.  It's a win-win product!!" ~Dawn Powell, Professional Barrel Racer

9 Foot- Standard Horse
12 Foot- Large Warmbloods/Drafts
6 Foot- Pony