• K9 Kooling Coat (size 20-30)
  • canine cooling coat

K9 Kooling Coat (size 20-30)


  • Blocks 75% UVB rays and 74% UVA rays
  • Adjustable belly band and chest buckle
  • Keeps dogs cool wet or dry
  • Easy to use
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As seen in the Cornell University "DogWatch" Newsletter!

Protect your dog from the sun! K9 Cool Coats are made by Saratoga Horseworks from the same Oasis fabric as our Oasis Turnouts. Oasis fabric is a 100% polyester mesh that offers superior durability while remaining coat friendly and breathable. It is an extremely reflective fabric that offers UV-protection (blocking both UVA and UVB radiation) so it will help keep your dog cool even when the coat is dry. For additional cooling, submerge the Cool Coat in cool water prior to use. If it dries out, refresh it with just a spray of water. Unlike other fabrics used for cool coats, Oasis does not become oversaturated and heavy. If needed, a fan blowing over the coat increases the cooling power dramatically. However, please monitor your dog as he could actually become too cool. Easy to use and maintain. The K9 Cool Coat features an adjustable/removable belly band and contouring pleats to ensure a good fit.


Due to the custom nature of SHW products, most orders take 2-3 weeks to fulfill. 

Not sure what piping looks likes? See our explanation for custom options here.

*As a side note regarding additional piping: We have had rare reports of red, pink, and sometimes purple piping bleeding onto coats. This seems to be a random occurence, but we must advise that there is a risk of color transfer.

Measuring For Your Kool Coat: The length measurement (base of neck to base of tail) is the size you will order for your dog. If you measure an odd number, round up to the nearest even number (i.e: length measurement is 27, order a size 28 coat).

Please note that we are providing these color swatches simply as a guideline to help customers determine what is available. All computer monitors represent colors slightly differently, therefore the swatches may appear a bit different than the actual material color.