Internship Opportunities

About Our Internship Program:

Our program requires interns to take a hands-on approach from day one, using their own creative ideas to produce tangible results that will affect business decisions and stand out on a resume. Part time internship programs generally last 6-8 weeks, while our full time program generally lasts 10-12 weeks. Start and end dates can be flexible based upon the intern's availablity. Internships are offered year round in the following three areas of study:

Product Design & Development: 
Full Time Program
Interns will use the latest version of Optitex design software, to develop a variety of sewn and sealed products for various clients. From the product’s initial stages to its completion, interns gain valuable hands on experience in all areas of the product development cycle. Experience with the computer aided design of textile products and sewing skills are required for this program. 

Part Time Program
Interns will learn marketing strategies for both wholesale and retail clientele. Projects include: managing social media, ad campaigns, sponsorships & video promotions, attending trade shows, coordinating photo shoots, creating marketing materials, interacting with clients, and more depending upon the student’s interests and career goals. 

Graphics Design:
Part Time Program
Interns will work to create a consistent brand image for both Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd. and Custom Sewn Products. Projects include: creating logos, advertisements & promotional materials, infographics, in-store displays, packaging, product catalogs, and more depending upon the student’s interests and career goals. Interns have the flexibility to work from home for a portion of their work week.

What to Expect: 

Your experience begins with an introduction to the company. Paired with a mentor in your field of study, you will become familiar with employees, clients, and day to day operations. Together with your mentor, you will create learning objectives that reflect your career aspirations, and set project goals, that will serve as the blueprint for your internship.

Professional Development
Throughout the program, your mentor will help you develop essential skills that will become necessary when you enter the workforce. These skills include communication/presentation skills, organizational skills, networking skills, and more. You will have a chance to practice these skills at various times during your internship.

Resume Reviews
Towards the end of your internship, your mentor will give you tips on how best to structure your resume and cover letters. They will also give you pointers on how to shine when you interview for full time jobs. 
Networking Opportunities
Saratoga Horseworks is a unique company that has ties to a wide range of industries. This allows our interns to create a broad network of professional contacts throughout the program.


Past Interns

Here are what some of our past interns had to say about their experiences:

"The internship was very well-structured, and it was clear what Saratoga Horseworks expected from me. The design process was broken down effectively, and they provided guidance and effective feedback throughout the internship. It was an excellent opportunity to see what a professional freelancer would be expected to create and provide to clients." ~ Eleanor Hovak, Graphic Design Intern

"As a Product Design & Development Intern I had the ability to learn the Optitex Software and use my new skills to design and produce various products. From luggage, hyperbaric chamber cradles, scuba diving hand-mounts, shooting sport bags, and I even got to make a sleeve for a rash-guard for Bethany Hamilton! I was able to see my designs go through the entire production process to completion. I learned something new every day of my internship that will help me in the future." ~Emily Sanders, Product Design & Development Intern

"Throughout my internship I was encouraged to think outside the box and express my ideas and opinions. I managed social media platforms, dealt with customers on a daily basis, managed the business website and e-commerce store, developed an updated marketing plan, and created informational videos for the contract manufacturing portion of the buisness. My experiences throughout this internship made it possible for me to obtain a job in my career field." ~Dani Pidgeon, Marketing Intern

Available Internships

Product Design & Development Internship:

Custom Sewn Products, the contract manufacturing division of Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of American made products sold to a wide range of markets such as equine, pet products, scuba diving, musical instrument accessories, personal flotation devices, surfing, flexible hyperbaric chambers, and more. Custom Sewn Products is offering full time Design and Product Development Internships for students or recent graduates seeking experience in the design and manufacture of sewn products. The right candidate will use the latest version of Optitex design software to develop products and entire product lines for various clients. From the product’s initial stages to its completion, this intern will gain valuable hands on experience in all areas of the product development cycle. This is a full time, paid internship with the opportunity to turn into a permanent position.

Responsibilities & Learning Objectives

  • Sit in on customer meetings and telecoms to establish design criteria for new upcoming products
  • Design a diverse range of products using the latest version of Optitex design software
  • Learn how fabric choices can affect the look and function of a product
  • Learn how non apparel products interface with the human form
  • Create samples of new product designs
  • Review product designs with clients and make subsequent revision changes
  • Grading patterns as required
  • Marker making for actual production runs
  • Quality control of current production, including in process testing of production pieces to operation specifications
  • Testing new product prototypes
  • Utilize ultrasonic bonding, hot air welding, and RF welding of textiles to produce water, or air tight textile assemblies or garments
  • Use of computer guided cutting machines and traditional cutting techniques
  • Apply lean manufacturing principles
  • Record the production process for new products or process improvements for existing products
  • Coordinate with marketing in order to successfully introduce new products or product redesigns to the market


    To be considered for this opportunity candidates should already have the following minimum skills:

    • Course or work experience with computer aided design of textile products
    • Above average sewing skills
    • Good mathematics ability
    • A willingness to confidently interact with all levels of management and customers
    • Be open to the idea that textile and fashion education can be applied to areas outside of fashion
    • Good work ethic and habits

      Applicants can send a resume and cover letter to with a subject line of “Design And Product Development Intern” to be considered for this position.  Hard copies can be mailed to:

      Saratoga Horseworks Ltd.
      P.O. Box 549
      Amsterdam, NY 12010

      Marketing Internship:

      Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of custom, American made, horse and canine clothing and accessories. Saratoga Horseworks is offering a marketing internship to students or recent graduates interested in working with a marketing professional on impactful projects to create effective advertising strategies and brand awareness amongst customers. Interns in this program will have the unique opportunity to learn marketing strategies directed towards wholesale and retail clientele.


      Research and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials
      Research and implement new strategies for current and prospective wholesale and retail client interaction
      Create marketing materials including signage, newsletters, email campaigns, online advertisements, etc. 
       Use social media to engage customers and increase brand awareness
      Coordinate photo shoots, attend trade shows and other special events to promote the company and increase brand awareness
      Touch base with sponsored riders and coordinate their involvement with promotional events and campaigns
      Process orders and provide excellent customer service to retail and wholesale customers
      Other duties that may arise during the course of the internship


        • Pursuing or recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, or Communications or related field
        • Equine knowledge a plus
        • Proficiency or familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
        • Proficiency with MS Office
        • Possess excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills
        • Possess creativity, flexibility, and growth potential
        • Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable

          This internship is a part time position with flexible hours based upon applicant’s schedule. This is an unpaid internship where the intern will gain college credit, real-world experience, and a letter of recommendation.  Applicants can send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line of “Marketing Intern” or send a hard copy to:

          Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd.
          Attn: Michael Libertucci
          P.O. Box 549
          Amsterdam, NY 12010

          Graphic Design Internship:

          Saratoga Horseworks (SHW) and its contract manufacturing division Custom Sewn Products (CSP) seeks a motivated graphic design intern. Students or recent graduates seeking experience in designing and editing a variety of materials within the framework of the business’ vision and branding are encouraged to apply.  The right candidate will work alongside a marketing professional on impactful projects focusing on the creation of a logo and brand image for the business’ contract manufacturing division.


          • Collaborate with marketing to create a consistent and clear brand image for Saratoga Horseworks and Custom Sewn Products
          • Create a logo and other promotional materials for Custom Sewn Products
          • Meet with marketing weekly to discuss design concepts and deadlines, pitch ideas, present completed projects, and more
          • Design of print material including but not limited to: brochures, advertisements, in-store signage, sell sheets, banners, inserts, business cards, letter head and more
          • Design of web material such as infographics, promotional emails, graphic content for social media networks, online advertisements, and more
          •  Other duties may be assigned as design opportunities emerge


            • Currently pursuing, or recently graduated from a graphic design degree
            • Demonstrated reliability and ability to follow through with projects
            • Flexibility and ability to work well with minimal supervision 
            • Experience designing and editing print and web materials
            • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator or equivalent programs 
            •  Familiarity with MS Office
            •  Exceptional attention to details
            •  Interest in branding systems and the application of the client's values/philosophy into design
            •  HTML5 / CSS5 / Javascript / jQuery / PHP skills a plus

              This is a part-time, unpaid internship where the right candidate will earn college credit, real world experience, and a letter of recommendation. The intern has the option to primarily work remotely, traveling to the office once a week for marketing meetings. Applicants can send a cover letter and resume to customerservice@horseworks.comwith “Graphics Design Intern” in the subject line. Any hard copies can be mailed to:

              Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd.
              Attn: Michael Libertucci
              P.O. Box 549
              Amsterdam, NY 12010