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Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd.

Exercise Rugs and Riding Blankets

While both Exercise Rugs and Riding Blankets are intended to serve the same purpose of keeping your horse's back and hind quarters warm during cold weather rides, they do differ in construction. An Exercise Rug is made to fit under saddle just like a saddle pad. It is best suited if you know you will not need to remove it after your horse is warmed up or if your horse is particularly cold-backed. A Riding Blanket, on the other hand, has a hole cut out where your saddle sits and a velcro closure near the pommel. This design allows the rider to remove the garment once the horse is warmed up without having to dismount or loosen the girth; just open the velcro and slide the garment off. Once you finish your ride, you can place the Riding Blanket back over your horse's hind quarters and around your waist while you cool him down, protecting his/her muscles from injury and stiffness, and also keeping your own legs a bit warmer!

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