• cooling dog crate cover

K9 Kool Crate Cover

The K9 Kool Crate Cover Mesh fabric is 100% polyester that offers superior durability while remaining soft & breathable. It is an extremely reflective fabric that offers UV protection (blocking both UVA and UVB radiation) so it will help keep your dog cool even when it's dry. For additional cooling, spray the Crate Cover with cool water prior to use. Unlike other fabrics used for cooling crate covers, Kool Mesh does not become oversaturated and heavy. If needed, a fan blowing over the cover increases the cooling power dramatically. Please monitor your dog as he could actually become too cool. Easy to use and maintain. Machine wash cool, line dry.

Color: White with Black trim

Size: Large 79" x 96"

Please Note: Due to the custom options offered, SHW products are typically made to order and can take up to 2-3 weeks to ship.