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American Made Custom Horse Clothing and Accessories

Saratoga Horseworks has been manufacturing 100% american made custom horse blankets and accessories since 1988. Growing out of one man’s desire to improve upon the current horse clothing options, Saratoga Horseworks now produces everything from polos and bandages to coolers and dress sheets that out-perform other products on the market. Today, Saratoga Horseworks products can be purchased from large online dealers such as Dover Saddlery, Smartpak, and Big Dees Tack & Vet Supply, brick-and-mortar tack stores around the world, or right from our website.

We are horse people just like you, and we know the time, dedication, and hard-earned money you put into caring for your horse. The last thing any horse owner wants is to commit a significant amount of money towards a new winter turnout blanket or custom dress sheet, only to be disappointed by the product's performance . For this reason, every single order placed with Saratoga Horseworks is produced with durability and functionality in mind. The prettiest blanket in the world doesn't do much good if it falls apart after the first wash or rubs the horse. Our products are designed with the latest premium fabrics known for their durability and special features that out-perform other blankets on the market. Finer details such as the placement of leg straps, reinforcement of stress points on horse clothing, and darts to allow a greater freedom of movement, is what keeps our customers coming back to our products time and time again.  

We offer a level of customer service that is unmatched in the horse product industry. We will send as many samples as required and answer any questions you may have to help you decide on the perfect item. The service does not stop once you have purchased one of our products. We are always just a phone call away if you have laundering or apparel care questrions, or need repairs or replacement parts for your blankets. We take equal interest in talking to a horse owner about her one horse as we do talking to a barn manager about products for the entire barn. No order is too small or large. We take great pride in making each and every customer feel special and making each and every order the very best we can. We look forward to working with you on your special order.

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